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Who we are

We are the 1st pan India delivery network focused exclusively on e-retail delivery fulfillment. We are gung ho about the Indian e-retail segment. We believe the legacy ‘courier’ processes are not designed and effective for e-retail deliveries. E-retail needs a focused, different and innovative approach to delivery. We combine DTDC’s pan India delivery reach, with a strong understanding of the attitude, processes and knowledge to cater to the e-retail fulfillment value chain. As a third party logistics service provider, we appreciate that your customers are increasingly seeking out improved levels of service. We are passionate about making sure your brand image is enhanced through a seamless delivery experience that is nothing short of ‘wow’.

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What we do

We understand your business and know the importance of a good delivery. DotZot offers a delivery service that is all about giving you superior value, coupled with the flexibility and reliability to grow your e-retail business. We have the reach, size, speed and agility to handle any volume of business. We work with you to synchronise the experience you want to give to your customers with services, technology and processes focused on e-commerce to ensure constant visibility of shipments and real time flow of information. We want you to grow, and we want you to consistently exceed customer expectations in order to retain and get repeat orders from them.

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Why Choose DotZot

Great customer experience

Your story only begins with marketing your e-retail business. The real value is derived through efficiency of order fulfillment from the point your order is received. By delivering a better shopping experience, we help retain your customers and encourage repeat buying. So you can increase revenue, realize the high cost of acquiring your customers and grow.

Superior information flow

Information and visibility of your customer’s shopping parcel is essential to a consistent customer experience. Our robust and custom built technology infrastructure enables a seamless flow of information from a customer point of view. DotZot’s services and technology processes focused on e-commerce ensure constant visibility of shipments and real time flow of information on Track & Trace.

Faster Cash Collect on Delivery

Our network is designed for a dependable cash collect service of the invoice value of goods against delivery of consignments with an equally efficient reconciliation of cash and all the MIS related to the activity. This gives your business the advantage of a stable cash flow without undue strain on your working capital.

Smart alternative

Shipping costs amount to 7-8% of an average online transaction. An in-house delivery service could well be 40-50% higher. By defining processes specific to your e-retail business, we help you streamline your entire delivery lifecycle, cut costs, increase reach and mitigate risks associated with setting up your own delivery network.

Reliable partnerhip

In DotZot you will find a dependable partner. Our delivery services work flows such as making 3 attempts at defined intervals are meticulously followed. Our vast experience with handling shipments ensures delivery in perfect condition at all times. And we stick to your predefined delivery schedules, giving your business that much needed touch of predictability.

Better service

Our information technology enabled customer service gives you better information response and faster complaint resolutions. This translates to less time spent dealing with escalations and more time growing your business. Our bespoke customer service solutions include proactive notification of any potential delays of your shipment during transit.

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DotZot story

How India’s first e-fulfillment company took shape

The internet’s been dramatically changing consumer behavior in India. The Indian e-commerce segment will have 38 million active online buyers by 2015. This presents a colossal opportunity to grow the existing billion dollar e-retail market in India.

Sanjiv Kathuria, an IIM-B alumnus, had spent a decade in the logistics industry, in a country leadership role at TNT India. He recognized that the biggest bottle neck e-retailers were dealing with was the lack of logistics infrastructure with the systems, processes and technology required to grow the burgeoning e-retail business. A situation that was driving the bigger players to take charge, and control the delivery part of their business by setting up in-house courier services.

Quite clearly there was a major gap in the Indian logistics market that needed to be addressed. A meeting with Abhishek Chakraborty, the young and dynamic Executive Director of DTDC, and a fellow IIM-B alumni, led to a shared ideal of wanting to do something to fill this need gap. It turned out to be a potent combination of experience and ambition to change the way things were done in the e-order fulfillment business.

Their joining hands and the backing of the DTDC board led to DotZot, India’s only focused e-retail logistic provider. A company which understood that the e-retailer’s brand and service perception almost entirely depended on a superior customer delivery system with scale and efficiency.

Right place, Right time

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Subhasish Chakraborty - Chairman

Founder, Chairman and MD of DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd.

A pioneer of the franchisee based business model in the Express delivery industry. Under his leadership, DTDC entered its third decade of operations in India and remains a frontrunner among the leading express companies across the country. He has been instrumental in DTDC’s success in India and in building an efficient international network spanning 240+ global destinations. Subhasish Chakraborty is a Gold Medallist in Chemistry from the University of Calcutta and has an Advanced Management Program diploma from ISB to his credit. A man with many feathers to his cap, he has been the recipient of prestigious awards like the Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award, Bloomberg UTVs Entrepreneur of the Year (Consumer Services) Award. He also has a Life Fellow Membership of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) and is a Board Member of ITM Institute of Financial Markets.

Subhasish Chairman and MD of DTDC Courier

Sanjiv Kathuria - Co-Founder & CEO

Sanjiv has 2 decades of experience in Sales & marketing and Change Management across various industry verticals. With over a decade’s experience in the Logistics industry, Sanjiv’s last role was that of Country Director – Sales & Marketing at TNT India. While there, he delivered accelerated revenue growth, building the Clinical Express and Service Logistics verticals from scratch. He was also responsible for the successful launch of TNT’s Domestic business. Under his able stewardship TNT India won the prestigious ‘The Economic Times Avavya Customer Responsiveness’ award. As a thought leader in logistics Sanjiv is a renowned speaker at industry forums and frequently contributes articles to industry journals. He has an MBA from IIM- Bangalore and a PG in Management and Business Studies from University of Warwick.

Sanjiv Kathuria - Co-Founder and CEO of DTDC

Abhishek Chakraborty - Executive Director

An Electronic Engineer with Post Graduate Diploma from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), Abhishek was previously associated with a leading management consulting firm. A management specialist with expertise in contemporary management, Abhishek is DTDC’s connect with young India, spearheading the new business initiatives in the company. The fresh perspective he brings to board has seen many new business developments in DTDC such as Premium Express Products (PEP) division, Retail division and DTDC New World among others. He has played a key role in re-shaping DTDC’s operational footprint, including introduction of on-board courier (OBC) operations and the reengineering of operational infrastructure.

Abhishek Chakraborty - Executive Director DTDC

Suresh Bansal - Director

Suresh Bansal heads Strategy, Marketing and Expansion of the DTDC group. He is a management specialist, with over 2 decades of international management experience and corporate planning in the Services industry. He has led and managed global companies in India, Europe and North America. In previous stints he set up state-of-the-art offshore development facilities in India for IBM, Citibank, Informix and BP among others. He manages DTDC’s business relationships in US, UK, UAE, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and Singapore. Under his leadership DTDC increased its global footprint and diversified its portfolio into new products and services. Mr. Bansal has an Advanced Management Program from ISB and a Strategic Management Program from Harvard Business School, USA.

Suresh Bansal - Director DTDC